Oxford Online School

The inclination of social media has been unprecedented and the impact of it on culture and society has been immense. Some may be distraught by it’s hive minds of scathing troglodytes, while others welcome it’s immersion, and the connectivity ability. Especially the connectivity ability, more revolutionary than the Industrial Revolution, due to the illimitable opportunities of connectivity over boundless distances. The expeditious ness of information flow contrasts between 99.999% of human history and in the current era of social media, it’s like a Ford Fiesta racing a Ferrari.
Nevertheless, social media has created a virulent environment with these collective congregations of profligates vituperating against people due to an ethnic background, choice of faith or progeny. These endeavours are heinous and should not be embarked into our society. To wrap up, my personal opinion on this subject is that it is scintillating for society to prosper, however it will profoundly alter this generation’s mental health, and the following generation’s mental health. I hope everyone is tenacious through these smear campaigns and to report it. To alter the point, this technology warrants one to express their opinion, and encourages fundamental freedoms. To contrast, big tech can filter information or publish non-sensical outright false information.
By David K.