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Human race has always innovated, and over the last century even faster than before. Currently, the technological progress is far more advance and we are all lucky to have a scoop of it. Since 2000 we have seen giant companies reshaping our lives starting from Social Media one all the way to the electric cars. But what does this mean to us?

In early 2000 ,our society was introduce to new communication platform that revolutionised the way we communicate with our family and friends. In addition, it created massive opportunities for companies to expose their brands to a much bigger audience with many brands becoming elite.

A very important technological development is 3D printing with many different industries taking the advantage of using this technique to make toys, homes, cars and etc. However, many researchers have moved beyond this and have utilised 3D in the medicine to create implants, prosthetics. In addition there is excessive research being undertaken to develop 3D cells printing to replicate body parts and organs.

Education industry has implemented more innovative approach to learning with many learners enhancing their skills in different fields. Through learning platforms; e-books, students have access to material instatntly. The online education is thriving, with many students changing their learning habits and the way they perceive education.

The use of artificial intelligence is heavily being used in the car industry with Tesla, being one of the fist companies to introduce driverless cars. In addition, Smart homes are also revolutionising our home living. Hotels across the world are introducing robots to enhance hotel experiences and provide a different experience to their clients.