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Our staff, both teaching and administrative, have been carefully selected for their commitment to the objectives of meaningful learning, and have created lessons and activities using the latest remote-learning techniques to achieve this.

All students will receive the highest quality learning experience, with our aim being to combine the same dynamic of face-to-face lessons with the convenience and flexibility of remote access.

We are an innovative, fully online school, aiming to reach out to students from all over the world through the use of our expertly designed teaching and learning platforms.

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Inside Oxford Online School

Our aim is to provide a distinctive and exceptional online learning experience, using the widely renowned British curriculum. We have partnered with Pearson Connex to ensure that our students’ courses bring qualifications and assessments of internationally high regard.

Our international student body and staff mean our school also provides a comfortable online ambience, where motivation, determination and academic achievement can be at the heart of our ethos. All our tutors are highly experienced educators with at least 15 years’ work experience in teaching at IGCSE or International A level.

Our academic approach includes blended learning, where students have the opportunity to attend live lessons or undertake monitored self-study. The online learning environment is a great tool due to its high impact teaching time and its personalized approach towards students.

All teachers can monitor, evaluate, clarify and intervene to ensure learners complete their core online learning. The platform is extremely user friendly while also covering all of the preferred learning outcomes for each subject.

All students will receive the highest quality learning experience, with our aim being to combine the same dynamic of face-to-face lessons with the convenience and flexibility of remote access.

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The houses

As part of Oxford Online School, students will have the opportunity to join virtual houses. Each house will consist of its own Housemaster or Housemistress and a small number of students, who will meet once a week to discuss student progression and provide support.

In addition, students will be encouraged to connect with other pupils of the same house to participate in inter-house competitions and other extra-curricular activities, as well as attending events and celebrations.

Academic mentors

Many with ambition often require a strong academic mentor to help them achieve their best possible results. With this in mind, Oxford Online School will provide academic mentors whose expertise means that all students can access intensive academic and social support.

To do this, each pupil is allocated a tutor, who will take a particular interest in his/her academic progress and co-curricular commitment throughout the course. They will meet with their tutees a minimum of two times per week between Monday and Friday. This to ensure that pupils maintain their high academic performance and are kept motivated at all times.

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Individual experience

While wishing to foster a spirit of co-operation and community, Oxford Online School also offers individual learning plans for pupils who wish to undertake a more intensive study experience. This system allows pupils to study at their own pace, while providing them with a more bespoke approach based on the exclusive attention of our tutors.

A further advantage of this approach is that it allows pupils to commence their studies at a more flexible time, rather than starting at the beginning of the academic year, which may not be suitable for all. Meanwhile, the individual learning experience has the additional benefit of eliminating distractions, developing creativity and supporting character development.

This, in turn, can enable pupils to progress faster by acquiring new skills adapted to their individual learning style.

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