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Why select our virtual school?

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A comprehensive British Curriculum

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Live interactive sessions with experts in the subject

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Monitor your child’s progress

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24/7 access to online resources


Laying the foundation for future success

Oxford Online School offers a complete curriculum for our junior students. Our lower secondary school environments are led by thoroughly qualified teachers who are adept at presenting lively online lessons.

The iLower Secondary curriculum provides your child with the skills and knowledge they need to access the wider curriculum and gives an excellent foundation for later learning.

With a cap of 8 students in our iLower secondary classrooms, we ensure that children remain involved and cultivate a passion for education. Anticipate quizzes, games, and dynamic e-learning experiences. The adaptability of studying with Oxford Online School equips young students with a robust groundwork for their upcoming academic pursuits.

How We Teach

How do we teach?

Teachers utilise dynamic resources to enhance class participation. Oxford Online School employs an online learning platform and a comprehensive lesson library, ensuring 24/7 access to subject materials.

Classes are scheduled, and lessons are conducted live by our teachers. To stimulate student interaction and deepen their connection to the subject, teachers employ virtual stimulation, engaging materials during classes.

Choosing subjects in KS3 curriculum

Every student is required to study the core subjects. Our core subjects offer a strong foundation for future education.

Key Stage 3 Core Subjects

Additional Subjects