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The Pearson Edexcel International GCSE in Chemistry is a linear qualification. Two written examinations must be taken in the same series at the end of the course of study.The aims and objectives of this qualification are to enable students to:

  • Learn about unifying patterns and themes in chemistry and use them in new and changing situations
  • Acquire knowledge and understanding of chemical facts, terminology, concepts, principles and practical techniques
  • Apply the principles and concepts of chemistry, including those related to the applications of chemistry, to different contexts
  • Evaluate chemical information, making judgements on the basis of this information
  • Appreciate the practical nature of chemistry, developing experimental and investigative
  • Skills based on correct and safe laboratory techniques
  • Analyse, interpret and evaluate data and experimental methods, drawing conclusions that are consistent with evidence from experimental activities and suggesting possible improvements and further investigations
  • Recognise the importance of accurate experimental work and reporting scientific methods in chemistry
  • Select, organise and present relevant information clearly and logically using appropriate vocabulary, definitions and conventions
  • Develop a logical approach to problem-solving in a wider context.

Examination based. Assessment will occur either at a British Council office or an approved Edexcel Centre in your home country. Untiered, written examinations with questions designed to be accessible to students of all abilities

Chemistry Paper 1

Externally assessed: Written examination 2 hours.

61.1% of the total International GCSE. 110 Marks

Assesses core content that is not in bold and does not have a ‘C’ reference. Questions may

come from any topic area across the specification.

  1. Principles of chemistry
  2. Inorganic chemistry
  3. Physical chemistry
  4. Organic chemistry

Chemistry Paper 2

Externally assessed: Written examination 1 hour and 15 min.

38.9% of the total International GCSE. 70 Marks.

Assesses all the content, including content that is in bold and has a ‘C’ reference. Questions may come from any topic area across the specification.

Bold statements cover some sub-topics in greater depth.

  1. Principles of chemistry
  2. Inorganic chemistry
  3. Physical chemistry
  4. Organic chemistry

International GCSE Chemistry is a two-year program. During the two years of studies, students will have access to live online classes and one-to-one subject support.

Upon completing the International GCSE in Chemistry, students will achieve an Edexcel qualification ( providing that all exams have been completed and passed). The final certificate will allow students to apply for A-level and beyond.

  • Provide two years’ previous school reports
  • Undertake a Mathematics internal assessment.
  • Students whose English is not their first language must either sit an internal English assessment or provide an English certificate at a min level of B2 in all components.

At a glance

  • Official IGCSE subject awarded by Edexcel
  • Open to International students
  • The qualification recognised by institutions worldwide
  • Blended Learning (Self Studies + Live Lessons)
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