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Why select our online virtual school?

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Fully accredited qualification recognised worldwide

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A comprehensive British Curriculum

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Live interactive sessions with experts in the subject

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Monitor your child’s progress

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24/7 access to online resources

Why select IGCSE with Oxford Online School?

Students enrolling at Oxford Online School for IGCSE courses benefit from extremely small class sizes in a mixed education environment – on average, there are 3 students per class, with a firm guarantee of no more than 5.

Our live, interactive lessons allow learners to collaborate seamlessly with their peers, harnessing cutting-edge technologies that enhance the educational journey.

Additionally, students enjoy round-the-clock access to their lessons.

Selecting your subjects

We believe in providing you with a broad range of subjects, including compulsory subjects such as Maths and English and a wide choice of other courses.

IGCSE Core Subjects

Core Science Subjects

Additional Subjects