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Why select A-level with Oxford Online School?

Students registering for A-level courses at Oxford Online School enjoy the advantages of very small class sizes within a diverse educational setting – typically, classes comprise just 3 students, with a strict cap of no more than 5.

The live, interactive classes enable students to work together effortlessly with classmates, utilising state-of-the-art technologies that improve the learning experience. Moreover, students have 24/7 access to their lessons.

Selecting your subjects

Embarking on A-level studies at Oxford Online School, students engage in a comprehensive two-year program for each subject, culminating in external examinations at the close of each academic year. It is crucial for students to select three A-level subjects aligned with their interests and academic strengths, as their engagement and performance are often highest in areas they are passionate about. In certain cases, when aspiring to a science-related university degree, students may be required to choose a fourth subject. Our academic advisors provide personalised guidance during the interview process to ensure each student’s choices resonate with their future academic and career aspirations.

Understanding the pivotal role subject selection plays in a student’s educational trajectory, our team offers expert advice on how the chosen subjects can serve students in their future endeavours.

The optimal subject combination is one that reflects the student’s genuine interests—whether that lies in crafting essays or delving into the sciences.

Furthermore, to broaden their academic experience and enhance their research skills, all A-level students at our institution are mandated to undertake an Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) during their first year. The EPQ is a valuable addition, encouraging independent learning, critical thinking, and in-depth exploration of a chosen topic. This project not only enriches their knowledge but also strengthens their university applications, setting them apart in a competitive educational landscape.

Uni Prep

University Preparation

Applying to university marks a significant milestone in a student’s life, which is why Oxford Online School offers a comprehensive support program tailored specifically to our A-level students navigating the application process. As a registered UCAS centre, we are equipped to provide thorough assistance throughout each step of their university application journey.

Our experienced staff are available to offer expert advice, from crafting impactful personal statements to selecting the right university that aligns with each student’s aspirations. Additionally, our students gain complete access to Unifrog, the ultimate destinations platform that empowers students to explore their options and apply to the universities that best fit their academic and career goals

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