Oxford Online School

Here at Oxford Online School, we are fortunate enough to be part of an amazing community-minded network that provides each member with learning support.

Our education is based on the principles of independent learning and academic ambition, with the ultimate aim of academic excellence. Our teaching methodology encourages the discovery and utilisation of new concepts, while we also like to encourage the development of character and the desire to be creative.

We have been working hard to create an online environment to suit all our pupils: one that enables them to be happy and build their self-confidence, as well as to thrive academically. We are doing this as part of our intention to push our pupils into gaining the most from the opportunities we are able to offer them.

All sessions have small class sizes, which is vital to provide pupils with the necessary support and instruction for them to thrive academically.

The consensus amongst researchers is that smaller class sizes are effective in improving student achievement, which has led to a policy of class size reductions in a number of US states, the UK, and the Netherlands.

This advantage, combined with our ethos for producing independent learners, will give our students the necessary time and opportunities to develop their research skills. It is these skills that will ultimately be the key for their onward University pathway. We naturally believe that excellence is to be celebrated, however, it is also important that nobody is ever left behind. With this in mind, our lessons have components that enable our learners to work and interact freely as a team.

Recent events have emphasized the importance of international co-operation in the face of adversity, especially in the fields of science, education and technology. There is widespread acknowledgement that there will be great challenges in the near future. By learning to work and study together, we hope to play our part in building a better, stronger generation to overcome these challenges.

Please get in touch and let us show you why Oxford Online School is different from other providers.

Ajla Duckollari
Founder, Oxford Online School