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YES YES YES and i shout this out. If you are not determined what will push you to succeed . Determination is your willingness, your motivation to get things done. In addition it’s what drives you to be successful. If we look at powerful figures such as Sir Richard Branson, Michele Obama ,J K Rolling ,Elton John, Bill Gates, Elon Mask, Oprah and the list goes one, all of them have one think in common Determination. Wanting to get things done, create new opportunities, better the world we live in, voice concerns, things that most of us are scared to shout out.They have the willingness to push themselves and push others.

Determination does not have boundaries. We set boundaries through our mind, through our laziness and these could potentially affect us for the rest of our lives. As a young adult, i realised that i was wasting my time on non productive things that did not add any value or made me any better person. I realised that when I wasn’t satisfied with my journey and i had to think hard to understand where i was lacking. At age 18 i decided to change my life around. It was necessary and important otherwise i would not move forward. By setting myself on a different mind set, it did not stop me to live and enjoy the same things as my friends, it just put me a step ahead. It pushed me to wanting to learn more, develop more , create opportunities and support other young adults like myself.

Since i have not stopped, my willingness and determination keeps growing and keeps me going. The universe is too BIG for us to think too LITTLE. Take action, think what you want to achieve and push yourself even if it’s little by little. Get things done, don’t postpone, don’t pass them over to others to get then done for you. That will not help you grow, it will push you back.