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Economics tutor

Adrian Budd

After studying Accounting and Finance at University, Adrian worked as an Accountant for several years, finally becoming a Chartered Accountant in 2001. He then progressed to teaching professional Accountancy qualifications part-time in the evenings before moving on to teach full-time in 2004.

Since this date, Adrian has worked at a number of select schools in both the state and private sector, with the majority of his time spent at tutorial colleges. His preference is for teaching small groups or one-to-one tuition, both of which have proven from personal experience to be particularly effective. He is equally at home teaching Accounting, Business or Economics, giving him a broad spectrum of knowledge that enhances his teaching credentials.ย 

His time at tutorial colleges has also meant an almost exclusive focus on A Level and GCSE classes, He is familiar with all of the major Exam Boards but has recently tended to focus on Edexcel, which is currently part of the Pearson educational group. We are delighted to have him working for us at Oxford Online due to his excellent record of results and his expertise in exam preparation.

In addition to exam success, Adrian likes his students to take an interest in the subjects outside of his lessons, encouraging them to follow a variety of media and to make use of the many online resources availableย to them. He believes that those who do this tend to cope particularly well in business-related subjects. In the past year, he has taught many students purely online and has found such independent learning techniques particularly effective as students have more to offer in lessons, can share resources and keep abreast of business developments and terminology. His passion for teaching stems from seeing the improvement that students make in a short time with the correct guidance and attitude, and then being able to watch them fulfil their potential.