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Technology has become an important part of our lives, and we often don’t notice it. They affect health care, education and transportation. Technology helps us communicate and work. They have changed the lives of billions of people and increased life expectancy for many. And most importantly, all these technologies are constantly being improved and developed.

The impact of technology on society can be both positive and negative. We know for sure that technology gives society the opportunity to communicate and exchange information. With the advent of the Internet this has become even more accessible. So, we can list the technologies that changed the world for an infinitely long time, the invention of the printing press, shipbuilding, airplanes, cars, computers, and so on. The development of new technologies helps people explore space. In recent years, new technologies have demonstrated rapid progress in space exploration. These are new opportunities for humanity to explore space and discover a new world. In addition to space travel, which is certainly aided by the development of new technologies, space exploration is also aided by the development of new technologies such as new telescopes. New telescopes allow us to constantly observe objects in space and distant worlds, just like large traditional telescopes.

New technologies have penetrated into all aspects of our lives and change it beyond recognition every day. In addition to the advantages, the development of new technologies also has a number of disadvantages. For example, due to the introduction of robots in factories, people may lose their jobs. But, despite the disadvantages, life changes and our world changes every day, we need to keep up with these changes. For example, if a person’s position is replaced by a robot, the person needs to be prepared to learn how to control that robot.

Nikita Travkin