Oxford Online School

Chat GPT has become one of this year’s hot topics, and rightly so. The education landscape is changing rapidly, with many EdTech providers developing new platforms to enhance learning in different fields and levels. Curiosity led me to create an account in Chat GPT. I enjoyed exploring the most straightforward website and accessing information instantly. The most exciting part of Chat GPT is that you can start a conversation. The more information you feed to ChatGPT, the more information you access. This could be an excellent opportunity for students who wish to develop their debating techniques. I state this because ChatGPT provides you with expanded reasoning and, to an extent, factual information depending on the conversation you create and how you put forward your thoughts.

Students can also benefit by using ChatGPT to develop their writing skills. Creativity is one key detail that I noticed while using ChatGPT. The diverse vocabulary, sentence length, punctuation etc., are good examples for students to notice while using ChaGPT. Some may argue that ChatGPT could lead students to rely heavily on the platform and plagiarise work. There are always risks. If students have set their minds to misusing the system, they do that either way. Our job is to instruct and show students how to use the system to benefit their learning. By doing so, this is a three-part win situation (Students benefit by developing their writing, research, conversation, and critical thinking skills. Academics may start creating healthy discussions with ChatGPT to embed the platform in their institution. With the education environment vastly changing through AI, a platform like ChatGPT could only add more value.