Ajla Duckollari

Ajla graduated from Cardiff University in 2011, where she completed her BA (Hons) in Business Management. Shortly after completing her Bachelor’s degree, Ajla joined Oxford Business College as an Admissions Officer and slowly worked her way up to the position of Senior Manager within the admissions and marketing department.

She then left the college after 5 years of service to further develop her skills within the education sector and has since worked for multiple UK HE institutions in senior management roles.

In 2019, Ajla took a sabbatical in order to undertake a Postgraduate course at Ulster University, where she completed an MSc in Marketing.. In addition to this, she was able to complete a short programme in Entrepreneurship in Emerging Markets at Harvard University in the same year. Whilst studying, Ajla took on the role of Head of Recruitment and Marketing at CEC, where she primarily focused on growing the company to an international level and supporting its many young students to join top UK schools.

While working in education for over a decade, Ajla has always shown great determination to support students in reaching their educational goals. The founding of Oxford Online School is a further step in this process and through it, she hopes to reach out to even more students around the world to help them achieve academic and social success.

Oxford Online School