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Moosa has previously graduated from four different universities, where he has specialized in economics, accountancy, finance, and actuarial mathematics. In 2015, Moosa completed his chartered accountancy qualification from ACCA (UK), and worked as a part-time accountant alongside his studies in the United Arab Emirates. In 2017, Moosa graduated with his BA in Economics (Cum Laude – first equivalent) from the American University of Sharjah. During the course of his study, Moosa was also a student tutor appointed by the School of Business Administration as an hourly paid tutor under the student-tutoring scheme. Moosa has also gathered teaching experience for a year as a part-time lecturer at a financial training center in the United Arab Emirates, tutoring subjects in finance and accountancy for the ACCA qualification.

Moosa also completed his BSc in accounting from the Oxford Brookes University and graduated with his MSc in accountancy from the University of London, through a research-based pathway offered to ACCA affiliates. Meanwhile, he pursued his passion in economics by studying for his MSc in economics at the University of Nottingham, where he passed his degree with a merit, and a distinction in his dissertation. In 2019, Moosa started his doctoral research in economics at the University of Salford. During his doctoral study, Moosa has published his research in a reputed economics journal, presented his research at three different conferences, and provided a series of seminars in quantitative research methods for postgraduate researchers at the University of Salford.
In February 2022, Moosa joined the Oxford Online School, as an economics tutor and a mentor for students wanting to pursue their extended project qualification (EPQ) in economics and related fields. His pedagogical approach emphasizes on the importance of conceptual learning that helps students understand key phenomena that are situated at the core of their subjects. This is achieved by starting from the basics of every topic, using relevant case studies, and establishing inter-disciplinary links that enable the students to form connections between what they have learnt and what they will be learning
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