Our Programme

The International A level programme we offer consists of seven different subjects: Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Economics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Extended Project.

Each student has access to their individual learning hub, where they can find their materials, tasks and activities, as well as having the opportunity to check on their academic progression and communicate with tutors. Pearson online learning platform has been designed to enhance students’ academic abilities by:

Driving independent learning – A key skill for students is to develop their ability to learn independently in their own time.

Developing an international network – As an online provider, students can benefit from being part of an international community, where they will be able to better understand other cultures, develop new friendships and broaden their international knowledge.

Allowing parental control – Parents will have immediate access to their children’s studies and can check their progression throughout the programme.

Providing accessibility to the platform and classes from around the world – Students can be almost anywhere in the world and still have access to their classes and individual learning hub.

How it works

Oxford Online School is powered by Pearson’s leading Connexus platform, used by over 70,000 learners worldwide. It is extremely secure, robust and user friendly. Students have instant access to their learning materials and subject activities. Teachers also have access to their students’ performance and are able to monitor, intervene and support them accordingly.

Students will be required to have continuous access to a laptop or personal computer throughout the duration of their course. Most importantly, they will also need to log on to the internet using one of the following browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer 11 (or newer), Microsoft Edge, or Safari.

For Mathematics, Physics or Chemistry, we recommend all students purchase a USB graphics tablet.

Once students have enrolled, they will be able to:

  • Attend an induction programme, where all students familiarise themselves with the platform, school policies and academic expectations.
  • Browse our blended learning programme. As students will be undertaking a lot of self-study, as well as attending live lessons during their course, it will be beneficial for them to see how this approach works. We hope they will appreciate that this type of learning method can be very effective, as it encourages students to be a lot more proactive, through developing their skills as an independent learner.
  • Attend weekly live lessons, where classes become increasingly efficient, as tutors gain a better understanding of their students’ progression. The tutors’ continual ability to access and analyse student self-study programmes also means they can target weaker spots in their learning. This means that students receive highly effective support from their academic mentors.
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